Where to go

Rotorua Hospital

Rotorua Hospital provides surgical abortion up to 13 weeks and 6 days weeks of pregnancy and medical abortion up to 9 weeks through the Rangiora clinic.

The First Step

To be referred, you can see a GP, or go to one of the following clinics. You can contact Rotovegas Youth Health (free for 15 to 24 year olds) by phoning (07) 343 1013. To see the nurse at Convenient Care Clinic, call (07) 348 8454. For an appointment at the Contraceptive and Sexual Health Clinic, call (07) 349 7918.

The doctor will talk to you and organise some essential blood and swab tests, offer you a counselling appointment and, if you wish, refer you to the service at Rotoroa Hospital


Counselling is optional and is available though the social work team at Rotorua hospital. Post abortion counseling appointments are also available.  

Medical Termination

Medical termination is available up to 9 weeks of pregnancy. 

Surgical Termination at Rotorua Hospital

The procedure is done by vacuum aspiration under local anaesthetic (awake).

Surgical Termination more than 13 weeks pregnant

Surgical termination when your pregnancy is more that 13 weeks can be accessed via a private Auckland gynaecologist. You will need to be referred by your referring doctor.

Follow up

Follow-up is provided by the referring doctor or the operating doctor if preferred by the patient. Follow-up counselling is available in the Counselling Department if needed.