Where to go

Rotorua Hospital

Abortion services are provide at Te Aka Tauawhi Tangata (Tauwahi)- Women's Clinic, Rotorua Hospital.

National Abortion Telemedicine Service 

A nationwide early medical abortion by phone service (up to 10 weeks of pregnancy) is also available directly by contacting The Women's Clinic on 0800 ABORTION (0800 226 784) or via the website www.thewomensclinic.net.nz/contact 

The First Step

You can self-refer to this service. Call the nurses at Tauawhi (0800 726 447) and the nurse will provide you with information and can arrange your appointments.

You can also:

  • See your GP or nurse and ask for a referral.  
  • Be seen at Rotovegas Youth Health Rotorua (free for 15-24 year olds) by phoning (07) 343 1013.
  • Be seen at Anamata Taupō (07) 376 0098.
  • See your school nurse.
  • See the nurses at Toi-Ohomai health clinic.


Counselling is optional and is available through the social work team at your DHB. Post abortion counselling appointments are also available.

Early Medical Abortion

Medical termination (taking pills) is available up to 9 weeks of pregnancy. 

Early Surgical Abortion at Rotorua Hospital

Vacuum aspiration is available up to 14 weeks + 2 days under light sedation and local anaesthetic (awake).

Later Abortion (up to 18 weeks)

If you are more than 14.6 weeks pregnant, please contact your health practitioner or Tauawhi for advice.

Follow up

Follow-up is provided by your referring health care provider.