Preventing unplanned pregnancy relies on using contraception - consistently.

All abortion clinics will be able to discuss your future contraception needs with you and prescribe and fit (in the case of implants and IUD's) contraception at the time of your abortion.

There are many different types and the following list is contraceptive methods currently available in New Zealand:

  • Emergency methods
    Emergency contraceptive IUD, emergency contraceptive pill ("the morning after pill").
  • Hormonal methods
    Combined contraceptive pill ("the pill"), progestogen-only pill (the "minipill"), Depo-Provera injection, long-acting implants.
  • Barrier methods
    Condoms, non-latex condoms, female condom, diaphragm.
  • IUDs (intrauterine devices)
    Copper IUDs, Mirena hormone-releasing IUD.
  • Natural methods
    Abstinence, withdrawal, natural family planning, breastfeeding.
  • Sterilisation
    Female sterilisation, vasectomy.