Who to talk to

It can be helpful to talk to someone if you've had a positive pregnancy test and are not sure what to do, or are thinking of having an abortion. This could be your partner, a trusted friend, or whānau member. Or a health professional such as a doctor, nurse or counsellor. 

Abortion services provided counseling for people who wish to talk about the process. 

Talk to someone now

  • Free professional counseling for those considering abortion is available to all New Zealand residents and can be accessed via the abortion clinics.


Statistics tell us that one in every four New Zealand women have an abortion. It's not talked about a lot in public, but choosing an abortion procedure is not an uncommon experience.

If you're deciding what to do, you have a lot to think about. You may have a friend, your partner, or a member of your whānau who you can talk to about what you're feeling and experiencing.

Find someone who understands that you want to do what's best for you. No one has the right to tell you to have, or to not have, an abortion. It's your decision. There are no age restrictions and your parents don't have to be informed if you don't want them to be.

If you are looking for a health professional to talk to you could speak to your local abortion clinic, your own GP or practice nurse, family planning doctor or nurse. If you are at school, the school nurse or counsellor can also be a great help.

All clinics offer counselling for no cost, though some will require a referral from your doctor or family planning clinic before they see you.


Professional counselling can be very helpful. It can offer you the opportunity to explore your feelings related to an unplanned pregnancy and the options you have available.

There are different types of counselling that you can have. These are;

Pre-decision counselling

Most clinics accept self-referrals for pre-decision counselling. Only a small number of women will feel the need for this. Pre-decision counselling may also involve your partner or family if you request.

You will be provided with verbal and written information, including resources on parenting, adoption, whāngai (family placement), guardianship and support services.

This way you will have all relevant information regarding your options which can help you with your decision making process.

Pre-abortion counselling

This offers you practical and emotional support, exploring your feelings and issues related to an unplanned pregnancy and the decision to terminate.

It aims to help you gain a clearer understanding of your situation, clarify any conflicts involving the future of your pregnancy, and support you in the decision you make.

This session will cover most or all of the following:

  • A brief social assessment of your current situation.
  • Exploring moral, ethical, cultural and spiritual or religious issues that may impact on your decision, and issues of loss and grief as they relate to pregnancy termination.
  • Fetal development.
  • Contraception and sexual health education - looking at your past history, current options, and problems with past methods.
  • A description of the relevant abortion procedure.
  • If required, referrals to other agencies for ongoing assistance.

Couple and family/whānau counselling

Couple and/or whānau counselling can be provided if you request it, in discussion with the social worker or counsellor.

Some relationships become stressed when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Partners and family members may find it difficult to communicate their thoughts and feelings honestly and appropriately. The aim of this counselling is to offer your partner, family or whānau an opportunity to explore their feelings and the issues related to an unplanned pregnancy.

Couple counselling can also assist a pregnant person to resolve any relationship conflicts that may impact on their ability to make an independent and well-informed decision about the pregnancy.

Post-abortion counselling

You are able to have counselling after your abortion procedure also. Your partner may be involved if you request it.

This counselling aims to assist you with any unresolved issues or feelings related to the pregnancy termination and to support your emotional recovery after an abortion.