Where to go

Timaru Hospital & Community Services

Medical Abortion is offered up to 10 weeks as an outpatient and between 14 and 20 weeks as an inpatient.

Surgical Termination is offered up until 14 weeks.

National Abortion Telemedicine Service 

A nationwide early medical abortion by phone service (up to 10 weeks of pregnancy) is also available directly by contacting The Women's Clinic on 0800 ABORTION (0800 226 784) or via the website www.thewomensclinic.net.nz/contact 

The First Step

You can self-refer or you can see a GP or Family Planning doctor. They will talk to you and organise some essential blood and swab tests, offer you a counselling appointment and, make a referral to the Timaru Gynaecology Department. You will then be sent an appointment to see a doctor at the hospital.


Counselling can be arranged through the Timaru Hospital social workers - telephone (03) 684 3089 and ask for social workers.

You will also be offered counselling when you meet the doctors at your appointment.

Early Medical Abortion

Early Medical termination is is available up until 10 weeks. 

Ideally women need to stay within an hour’s travel of the Timaru Hospital and have practical support at home. Follow up is provided by the Clinic nurse and contraception is arranged, if possible, at the Clinic or sought from the woman’s usual doctor afterwards.

Surgical Abortion 

The procedure is available up until 14 weeks. Usually you will meet the doctor to discuss the procedure and come in to have the procedure done as a day case. Long acting reversible contraceptives such as Jadelle and IUCDs can be fitted at the same time.

Termination more than 14 weeks pregnant

If your pregnancy is more than 13 weeks and 6 days you will be offered medical abortion as an inpatient. You will be admitted to the surgical ward then have medications on the ward. Usually you will be able to go home the same day.

Follow up

Follow-up is provided by the referring doctor or the operating doctor if preferred by the patient. Follow-up counselling is available in the Counselling Department if needed.