Where to go

AMAC (Auckland Medical Aid Centre)

Auckland Medical Aid Centre (AMAC) AMAC is an independent not-for-profit clinic that provides first trimester (<13 weeks) terminations and related services. AMAC receives no government funding therefore service fees apply to all patients. As a small day clinic AMAC does not have childcare facilities and advises appropriate childcare and after school pickup be arranged whilst attending appointments.

Auckland patients entitled to funded treatment will generally be referred to Epsom Day Hospital by the GP or Family Planning doctor.

The First Step

You can access AMAC directly by contacting the clinic for an appointment.

If you are entitled to funded abortion care, you can see a GP or Family Planning doctor - they will usually refer you to Epsom Day unit not AMAC.


All women requesting termination at AMAC are offered counselling as part of the process at no extra cost. Pre-decision counselling and post abortion counselling appointments are also available and can be booked for singles or couples. Fees apply.

Medical Termination at AMAC

Medical termination is available to all women up to 9 weeks of pregnancy. If you are less than 7 weeks pregnant you will be allowed to go home to miscarry the pregnancy. If you are between 7 and 9 weeks pregnant you will be encouraged to stay at AMAC for the miscarriage to occur.

Surgical Termination at AMAC

The procedure is done by vacuum aspiration under local anaesthetic (awake) up to 13 weeks of pregnancy.


For up to date fees please visit AMAC website: www.amac.org.nz.


Patients are asked to return to their referring doctor in 2-3 weeks post procedure for a check-up. Follow-up can be provided at the clinic on request. Routinely, women who have medical termination and do not pass the products of conception before discharge are seen in the clinic for follow-up.

Post-termination counselling is available on request either at AMAC or by external referral.